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Materials commonly used

Stainless steel and Aluminum

Stainless steel can be used a variety of techniques to process: Painted or Mirror Polished or Brushed or Electroplated

Aluminum is generally processed with paint.

3D Stainless Steel Letters

Metal Signs' Merit

Sharp texture, stable performance, lasts for life.

Stainless steel signs, in particular, are commonly used in the most high-grade signs.

Painted Stainless Steel Signs

Metal Signs' Defect

High price, complicated process.

With China's low labor cost advantage coupled with years of processing experience, advanced processing equipment and skilled technicians, we can provide you with top quality, low-cost metal signs. It would be much cheaper than your local procurement even if with shipping fees.

Gold Electroplated Letters
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LED Stainless Steel Backlit Reception Signs


  • Description: LED Stainless Steel Backlit Reception Signs
  • Border material: Aluminum
  • Back plane material: Acrylic or filled with Epoxy Resin
  • Process technique for the border: Painted
  • Color: Pantone Color
  • Light source: LED module(3 lights) with 0.24W and 6500mcd or RGB LED
  • Illuminate: Backlit
  • Power source: AC110V, AC220V
  • Operating power: DC12V
  • LED lifetime: >80,000 Hrs
  • Average lifetime without any errors: >10,000 Hrs
  • Intensity: Can work between -40℃(-40℉) to 80℃(176℉).
  • Supplied with: Transformer, installation instruction
  • Package: Single letter covered with bubble wrap, wooden case with Styrofoam. Also may be packed per the customer requirements.
  • Pay method: PAYPAL or Bank transfer (if you choose to pay by PAYPAL, you will pay extra service charge by PAYPAL: 3.9% plus $0.30 USD, and we need your real delivery information coincide with your PAYPAL account’s delivery information.)
  • Lead time: Production will be arranged with in 24 hours after down payment received. The deliver date will be decided based on the size, complicatedness and number of letters.
  • Order method: 50% down payment, balance before shipment
  • Delivery: DHL, TNT and UPS etc.
  • Warrantee: One year